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Altadena Town & Country Club

Altadena Town & Country Club Photographer

The Altadena Town & Country Club is a Pasadena area wedding venue where I've photographed many events. Located in the San Gabriel Valley, this location markets itself as an important venue for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Although my work here as a wedding photographer has most often been centered on covering receptions, they boast a small garden ceremony area. Surrounded by tall shrubs, the location for ceremonies is located just steps away from the main building.

Altadena Town & Country Club Photographer

This outdoor wedding venue in near Pasadena but is designed to serve to communities of Altadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, La Canada, and San Marino. It was first opened in 1919 at ceremonies attended by Gloria Swanson and Cecil B. Demille. In 1927, the Altadena Town & Country Club began building a new clubhouse which is what now stands there today. Although some sources say that a completely new building was built, others cite that the existing structure simply remodeled and enlarged. So, if you're looking for a historic wedding venue or reception location near Pasadena, this may be your spot!

Most wedding receptions are held in the Victorian Room with Veranda or in the Mendocino Room while outdoor garden weddings are held at the South Lawn or Wedding Court. Based on my experience working at this venue as a wedding photographer, one thing to remember is that on any given weekend, more than one event can be going on at the same time. Additionally, that although the grounds here do provide some nice areas for wedding photography, for greater diversity in backgrounds, I often recommend other Pasadena locations like nearby Pasadena City Hall for bride, groom, and wedding party portraits.

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