Bride Smiles at Groom after First Look
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Bride Smiles at Groom after First Look

This photograph was taken moments after the bride and groom's first look at the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga. This is a truly candid moment where I photographed the bride over the grooms left shoulder with the ornate doors of the Mountain Mermaid in the background of the image. In this photograph I like to think that we can see the joy and shyness in the bride's smile that she is sharing with her soon-to-be husband. Many times when I'm photographing a first look, I try to find a location that is expansive and dramatic so that I can include the landscape in the image. But for this first look, the lighting conditions were fairly challenging and this area of the grounds offered me the best opportunity to create well lit portraits. Mountain Mermaid is located in Topanga, California.

Location: 20421 Callon Drive, Topanga, CA 90290.

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