Pacific Palms Resort, St. Christopher, & Royal Vista Country Club Wedding

A few Saturdays ago I met up with Susan and Charles who were getting ready for their wedding at the Pacific Palms Resort.

After everyone got madhotsexy, we met downstairs so I could do my wedding photographer thing. Although we were tight on time, I had an advantage–I already knew most of the bridal party as many of them were also in Max & Hannah’s wedding that I photographed last year (and that’s how Susan and Charles found me).

After a few photos at the resort, everyone loaded up for a short drive over to St. Christopher Catholic Church. After a beautiful and touching ceremony (many tears were shed), we headed over to Royal Vista Country Club.

Los Angeles Weddign Photographer
This is my favorite photo from the wedding day. Fierce!
Wedding Rings
Vanessa worked with me on this wedding–and as usual she rocked the details
Bridal Party at Pacific Palms Resort
It’s the girls being girls!
Pacific Palms Resort - Bridal Party
I told them that Brad Pitt was standing outside the window to get them all smiling and looking in the same direction.
Groomsmen at Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills
Bad boys, bad boys.
Wedding Photographer Does Reservoir Dogs
Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Blue
Wedding Party at Pacific Palms Resort
The wedding party had no idea what I was trying to do when I asked them stand this way.
Groom's Tuxedo
The Groom
Bride and Groom on Wedding Day
As usual, I need my colors!
Bride Praying Before Wedding at St. Christopher Catholic Church
Susan prepares herself for her long walk down the aisle at St. Christopher Catholic Church.
Girls Talking about Boys before Wedding Ceremony
While the girls wait, they tell funny stories about boys!
St. Christopher Catholic Church Wedding
St. Christopher is a beautiful church! But someone forgot to take down the holiday decorations!
Recessional at St. Christopher Catholic Church
Yippee! We’re married!
Wedding Party Grand Entrance (with Parents) at Royal Vista Country Club
Between the parents, sponsors, and wedding party, the DJ had to announce 84 people during the grand entrance. Well, perhaps I exaggerate. It may have been fewer folks than that–but it was a bunch!
Royal Vista Country Club - Walnut, California
First Dance
Bride Tosses Bouquet at Royal Vista Country Club
Toss that bouquet!
Groom goes for wedding bouquet at Royal Vista Country Club
Just to let you know, Charles was successful in his attempt.

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