Product Photography: Jewelry

Yesterday I was experimenting with some new specialized photo processing software and my neighbor Claudia Endler was kind enough to drop by with a few of her rings allowing me to experiment with a new method of photographing jewelry.

I’m thrilled to say that my experiments worked! I’d share more details, but then I’d have to tie you up with saran wrap and dip you in olive oil. And we wouldn’t want that would we? Here’s a photo of one of Claudia’s newest¬† rings.


3 thoughts on “Product Photography: Jewelry”

  1. @Peggy – There aren’t really any “tricks” per se. You need great equipment (cameras, lenses, lights) and a good understanding of light, shadow, and reflection. I also use some other tools that aren’t available to most other folks including studio stands and a professionalism product table. But most importantly, you need lots and lots of practice. I still learn something new on almost every product shoot! After a quick look at your web site, it looks like most of your photographs are underexposed. If you can address your exposure, I think you’ll find your product photos will be much improved. Good luck!

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