Personal Branding Portraits & Headshot
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Personal Branding Portraits & Headshot

This headshot is one of many from a 2-hour portrait session photographed on-location in Pasadena.

Although most clients books me for a single hour for portraits, this subject traveled to Pasadena from St. Louis for his session. With that in mind, I went above and beyond to create a variety of portraits featuring several wardrobes and locations.

This image is interesting, engaging, and different.

I focus on best features to engage viewers faster.

This is a professional portrait from the same session.

Sitting or standing full-length portraits should be included for personal branding photos.

He's friendly and approachable. And that's important.

Nature and architecture can create interesting, non-distracting backgrounds in your photos.

Blank walls offer a minimalistic setting that doesn't detract from your personal brand.

Colorful frame-filling portraits like these work great and help you stand out.