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Product Photography Pricing

For most projects, product photography prices are based on the time required to photograph all of your products.

Los Angeles Product Photography Prices

Hourly Rate

1 hour$400
2 hours$650
3 hours$900
4 hours$1150
5 hours$1400
6 hours$1650
7 hours$1900
8 hours$2150

For large projects, usage and additional fees may also apply. Basic services include: 

  • product photography by Rob Greer
  • full-size JPG files provided via download
  • selection and correction of captured photographs
  • online gallery of corrected photographs
  • basic lighting setup
  • color accurate capture
  • choice of solid color background
  • clipping and retouching is available for an additional fee

The time required for your project will vary based on the difficulty of photographing each product. 


To receive a basic estimate, please contact me and provide the following information:

  1. What kinds of objects need to be photographed?
  2. How many objects need to be photographed?
  3. How many angles are needed for each object?
  4. If multiple angles are required, how much precision is required?
  5. Are the objects are opaque, reflective, clear, or a mixture of all three?
  6. Where will the objects be photographed?
  7. Is clipping or retouching required?
  8. Where and how will the images be used (usage)?
  9. Can you provide a link to a website with images featuring your product (or similar products) or a smartphone photo of your product?

My Location

Clients typically choose my home studio as their preferred product photography location. My studio is a clean and organized 500-square-foot, climate-controlled space that's connected to my craftsman bungalow in Pasadena. 

I can provide abundant natural lighting or studio lighting based on your photography requirements. Other amenities include wireless access and a conference table.

Your Location

For on-site product photography at your location, an additional setup fee of $250 is required. A travel fee of $100 per hour may also apply for on-site product photography more than 10 miles from my home studio in Pasadena.

Studio Locations

If you require a professional studio, some of my favorite locations in Los Angeles include FD Photo StudioNoboSmashbox StudiosStudio 1342Siren StudiosAvenue Six Studios5th and Sunset LA, and Aesthesia Studios

Amenities (and prices) for these studios vary greatly so your budget and sensibilities may influence which studio you'd like to use for your project. 

For remote studio product photography, an additional setup fee of $250 is required. A travel fee of $100 per hour may also apply for on-site product photography more than 10 miles from my home studio in Pasadena.


State sales tax is not collected assuming electronic delivery of all files. Pricing and policy information are subject to change without notice.

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