Tender Wedding Day Moment with Star Wars Accents
Sunstone Winery (Star Wars)

Tender Wedding Day Moment with Star Wars Accents

This photograph featuring Star Wars characters Chewbacca, Captain Rex, and two Stormtroopers shows the happy wedding couple in the foreground while the costumed characters talk in the background.

Thinking back on this particular scene at Sunstone Winery, I'm struck by the fact that the location that we had to work within was extremely tight and in terms of wedding portraits, wasn't as ideal as it could have been. That being said, locations are almost never ideal and thus as a Los Angeles wedding photographer I have to work within the constraints of what is presented to me at the time. In this case I asked the couple to assume a traditional pose and then lean their temples toward each other, closing their eyes briefly and then asking them to think about how they would soon be wed.

Location: 125 N Refugio Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

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