Mother & Bridesmaids Celebrate Bride
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Mother & Bridesmaids Celebrate Bride

When brides get ready, there are several important moments. One of the most important is when she sees herself in her dress for the first time.

In some wedding venue getting ready rooms, there's a full-length mirror either on a wall or on a portable stand. When it makes sense, I try to arrange a moment where the bride will open her eyes and see herself in the mirror.

For this reveal, I noticed that the bridesmaids were getting their camera phones ready to take a picture of the moment so I suggested that they move into the background. I then instructed them to move to a position where they were framed in the doorway. I also moved the mother the bride so that she would be positioned in a way that would allow me to photograph the bride, the mom, and the bridesmaids in a single capture.