Bride & Groom Lego Polyptych at Disneyland Hotel
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Bride & Groom Lego Polyptych at Disneyland Hotel

Colorful images can make for powerful wedding photographs. This photo, captured at Downtown Disney near the Disneyland Hotel, really pops. 

Taken outside the Lego store, this series is unusual and intriguing. This bride and groom have become good friends of mine and surprisingly this group of photographs speaks volumes to their personality and their relationship. The groom is known for his satirical grumpiness which really comes forth in the first image in the series. The bride is always happy and her joy is reflected in the other three images in the series. To further the story, the bride and groom are huge Lego fans and Disneyland passholders so they often shop in the store.

From a technical perspective, this image is fairly straightforward. As a photographer, the main thing that I had to consider was my lens choice. I stood quite some distance away and used a telephoto lens in order to minimize any distortion that might appear on the Lego background. I also made sure that I kept my camera steady and in the same position as I directed the couple through each pose. The situation was complicated due to the fact that there were hundreds of tourists that were walking between me and my subjects as I tried to capture this photograph. As I could not hold up traffic as I took this photo, I had to time each click of the shutter perfectly in order to ensure that no one else was in the frame.

Disneyland Hotel is located in Anaheim, California. Phone: (714) 778-6600. Website:

Location: 1150 Magic Way, Anaheim, CA 92802.

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