Bride Prays at St. Christopher Catholic Church Wedding
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Bride Prays at St. Christopher Catholic Church Wedding

I photographed this bride at St. Christopher Catholic Church in West Covina as she waited in a small room for the ceremony to begin. 

Although this appears to be a candid wedding photograph, I must admit that it was a directed moment. Knowing that the bride was deeply religious, I suggested that she might want to say a brief prayer before she walked down the aisle to her groom. She agreed that was a good idea, and took a position kneeling for her worship. When she finished her prayer, and before she stood, I asked her to look over her left shoulder toward a nearby window and I took this photograph. For me, this image makes me wonder what the bride was thinking about during this reflective moment. For the bride, I hope that she will look back on this image and remember her prayer.

This kind of photograph is typical of my style. It is very clean, symmetrical, and provides plenty of breathing space allowing a viewers eyes to settle quickly upon the subject in the frame. In this case, quite a bit of Photoshop was involved to remove distracting elements from the scene including orchid plants and votive candle racks to the left and right of the bride. I elected to remove those elements because they did not further the story — and for me photography should first be about story.

St. Christopher Catholic Church is located in West Covina, California. Phone: (626) 960-1805. Website:

Location: 629 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA 91790.

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