Bride Watches Groom Deliver Speech at Reception
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Bride Watches Groom Deliver Speech at Reception

At this Newhall Mansion reception, the groom gives a speech where he honors his new wife. She looks on from the background. I chose this particular treatment, focusing on the bride, because I wanted the groom to later see her expression as he shared stories of his love for her. The photograph also served to highlight the details on the sweetheart table. Just in case you are not yet completely versed in wedding jargon, the sweetheart table refers to a single table where the bride and groom are seated together during the reception. In addition to the scene of the bride and the groom, you'll also notice the beautiful roses blooming in the background. Whenever possible, I like to incorporate the scenery and the most important elements of the property whenever I'm photographing an event. In most cases, the venue or location is the most expensive part of a wedding budget and so I want to make sure that the scenes are properly captured so as to live on in the memory of my clients through my photography. Although Piru is quite some distance from Los Angeles, I've booked several weddings at Newhall Mansion and I hope to continue to do so as it is a lovely property. Newhall Mansion is located in Piru, California.

Location: 829 Park St, Piru, CA 93040.

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