Couple Watches Speeches During Malibu Reception
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Couple Watches Speeches During Malibu Reception

Most wedding receptions occur in the evening hours and thus it is often dark when I'm photographing speeches. However, when it's possible and appropriate for the wedding and the venue in question, I often recommend that speeches occur before sunset. Although I'm certainly well-versed in the use of flash photography and I have no problem photographing events that occur at night or inside it dark ballrooms, my personal aesthetic prefers photography of couples using natural light wherever possible. Although I can fully appreciate the need for flash photography and I could never do my job without it, there's no denying the fact that flash photography simply isn't natural. In fact, many studio photographers who focus on portraits strive to make their flash photography look like natural light photography. In any event, as this photograph illustrates, the light is incredibly beautiful. You'll note that the couple is backlit as you can tell from the slight halo around the edges of their bodies and heads. You can also tell that is near sunset as the quality of light is softer than it might appear during the earlier parts of the day. One thing that I particularly enjoy about this photograph is that the bride and groom are standing during the speeches. There are several benefits to standing versus sitting during speechmaking time. First, because the couple is standing, they are typically closer together than they might be if they were seated next to each other. Additionally, anything on the sweetheart table can serve to interfere with a good view of the couple and by standing that issue is typically minimized. Finally, couples are often presented with their salad service during speeches and by standing the temptation to eat during that time is reduced. This wedding was photographed at a private estate in Malibu, California.

Location: Malibu, California.

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