Ebell Club Wedding Flower Girls in Long Beach
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Ebell Club Wedding Flower Girls in Long Beach

I captured this image of these three flower girls in the bride's getting ready room at the Ebell Club in Long Beach.

This photograph is an excellent example but with limited direction and a photojournalistic moment. Although I photographed this scene very early in my career, even then I was very concerned about symmetry. As such, I positioned these three flower girls directly in front of the windows and then asked them to look outside. As it took a few moments for me to get the appropriate exposure on my camera (I am much faster now), one of the flower girls got bored and turned away from the window, looking over toward the bride. It was at that moment that I took this photograph. In hindsight, a photograph of the three girls staring out the window would not have been very powerful. For that reason, I was fortunate that the flower girl decided to take that moment and look back toward the bride. Ebell Club is located in Long Beach, California. Phone: (562) 436-4014. Website: http://www.ebelllongbeach.com/.

Location: 290 Cerritos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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