Fun Gay Couple at Hotel Maya Wedding
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Fun Gay Couple at Hotel Maya Wedding

For this Hotel Maya gay wedding, I was on fire in terms of my ability to create fun portraits of this amazing same-sex couple. They were so much fun to photograph and were up for any idea that came to my mind. When I'm photographing weddings in Long Beach, it's often at the Hotel Maya or the nearby Queen Mary.

When I'm attempting to create quirky portraits, there's a thin line between a fun photograph and a cheesy photo. Walking that line is what I seem to do best. There many interpretations for this particular image as you can imagine, but for me it's just a playful way of framing one of the groom's from this event. The colorful green grass complements the yellow of the groom's bowtie while the simple background keeps the image clean. A simple direction to the grooms to give it a little laugh was enough to create the emotional connection that I needed here so that the photograph wouldn't be taken too seriously. Hotel Maya is located in Long Beach, California. Phone: (562) 435-7676. Website:

Location: 700 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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