Fun Wedding Photo of Quirky Groom at Pasadena City Hall
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Fun Wedding Photo of Quirky Groom at Pasadena City Hall

This quirky bride and groom were an absolute pleasure to photograph at Pasadena City Hall in my hometown of Pasadena. 

After positioning this couple for traditional portrait, I captured the expected photograph and then prompted the groom to do something crazy. As you can see here, he obliged.

In terms of technical considerations, this was a natural light photograph in a long hallway on the east side of City Hall. I am centered in the hall as are the bride and groom. The couple is positioned at a 45° angle to the camera which offers the most flattering angle for most subjects. As for their expressions, those were directed by me using humor and an understanding of the couple's personality in order to bring forth natural looking reactions. There are several photographs from the series, but none of the individual images were the perfect combination of both action and reaction. Therefore, I did cheat and used Photoshop to remove the groom's head from a previous photograph into this photograph. 

When you first viewed this image, I'm certain that you did not realize that kind of change had been made to retouching. And I would suspect that the bridegroom does not remember that moment well enough either to know that I change the image so drastically. As such, to the power of image manipulation, I am making my own version of the story that is mostly based in reality. As a Pasadena wedding photographer, I make my own reality.

Pasadena City Hall is located in Pasadena, California. Phone: (626) 744-4000. Website:

Location: 100 N Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA 91109.

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