Gambling at Malibu Wedding Reception
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Gambling at Malibu Wedding Reception

For this Malibu wedding, the couple hired a group that brought an entire casino to their wedding. And so during the wedding reception, their guests were treated to craps, blackjack, and even roulette. Before the gaming got started, I captured this photograph of the groom throwing dice on a craps table. I must admit that this took several attempts in order to create a photograph where the dice were flying in the air and the bridegroom had a good expression. I'm still not 100% happy with the position of the groom and his throwing arm, but as in all wedding photography, compromises often need to be made in favor of either moving on to other photographs or allowing the bride and groom to return to their guests. I haven't been to another wedding that has included a casino theme, but I sure wish it would happen again as I've been mulling over ideas for years as to how I could creatively photograph such a thing. So if you're thinking about a casino theme for your wedding, please consider giving me a call. I'd love to photograph your event. This wedding occurred at a private residence located in Malibu, California.

Location: 32430 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265.

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