Legendary Park Plaza Weddings in Downtown Los Angeles
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Legendary Park Plaza Weddings in Downtown Los Angeles

I've enjoyed every wedding that I photographed at the Legendary Park Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. And although my clients justifiably shouldn't care about my enjoyment, I will say that it does affect the quality of my photography. Perhaps that's one reason why my work at this venue is typically above average. For this photograph I position the bridegroom in the circle of light coming in from the window above them. This built in spotlight affect helps draw attention to the couple. In the background you'll see a large tapestry in the tiny balcony where you might expect to see Juliet step out at any moment looking for her Romeo. Even as I write to the statement, I just realized that I've never met anyone named Romeo and that it would be really cool if I did. In fact, I would have love to have been named Romeo as it would be an amazing conversation starter. That being said, perhaps it would also be an inconvenience to hear the same lame jokes about my name for the rest of my life. So perhaps Rob is a better name than Romeo. Legendary Park Plaza is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Phone: (213) 381-6300. Website: http://www.parkplazala.com/. Contact Person: Trisha Harako, (213) 381-6300 x103, trisha@parkplazala.com.

Location: 607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

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