Ring Bearer & Flower Girl at Pasadena City Hall Wedding
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Ring Bearer & Flower Girl at Pasadena City Hall Wedding

Whenever you include a ringbearer and a flower girl in your wedding ceremony, you are likely introducing something quite random where anything can happen. In most cases when there are flower girls and ring bearers of a very young age, typically under five, funny things occur including the kids not doing exactly what you expected them to do. However, for this wedding at Pasadena City Hall the flower girl and the ringbearer were totally on top of things and I was able to capture this sweet photograph of them during the processional.

One of my favorite locations in all of Los Angeles for wedding day photographs is Pasadena City Hall — and is not just because the location is less than 1 mile from my home studio. The architecture, grounds, and easy access all make it a perfect location for both weddings and wedding day photography. When a couple chooses this venue to host their wedding, their certainly presented with a host of amazing advantages. Most specifically, if you hire me to photograph your wedding, I will be able to offer you some very specific advice that will prove incredibly valuable as you plan both your wedding and your reception. Give me a call!

Pasadena City Hall is located in Pasadena, California. Phone: (626) 744-4000. Website: http://www.ci.pasadena.ca.us/.

Location: 100 N Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA 91109.

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