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I believe that photographers should use the best possible tools when creating photographs for paying clients.

Although talented photographers can sometimes create compelling images with simple photographic equipment, I'm committed to the practice of always using the best cameras and lighting equipment available. 

For that reason, I always use the most current professional-grade camera bodies, lenses, and flashes. In addition to my primary tools, I also own an wide array of backup equipment to insure that I can continue to do my best work when the unthinkable happens.

My primary camera for event photography is Nikon's flagship camera—the Nikon D5. The spectacular low light performance of the Nikon D5 is is particularly important when I'm photographing events in dark hotel rooms, churches, reception halls, or when I'm working outside at night. That camera body has no equal when it comes to creating photographs in those situations. When I'm working those events, I carry two camera bodies with two different lenses mounted and alternate between them depending on the needs of the moment.

For my commercial work, I use the Nikon D800. This third camera also serves as a backup in the unlikely event both of my D5 bodies fail. The Nikon D800 provides me with the largest file sizes available from any SLR manufacturer (36 megapixels) which can be extremely important in my commercial product photography work.

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