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Houston Event Photographer

I am a Houston event photographer specializing in creating powerful personal & corporate event photos.

Event Photographer in Los Angeles

I'm the event photographer you need if your organization needs photographic coverage for meetings, conferences, conventions, galas, banquets, political events, holiday party events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, and award presentations.

I'm also available for event photography for your corporate dinners, fundraising events, retirement parties, golf outings, sporting events, family reunions, non-profit events, corporate retreats, bachelor or bachelorette parties, dances, funerals, or other special events in Houston or the surrounding area.

My unobtrusive, candid style as an event photographer allows me to capture you and your guests at their best. As a photojournalist, I'll never interrupt the flow of your planned event.

I’ll be mindful and respectful of event attendees. If your event has visual indicators that certain guests shouldn’t be photographed, I’ll pay attention to those requests. Example indicators for subjects to avoid might include special lanyards or name badges.

I’ll also use common sense where special circumstances may apply. That includes thoughtful respect when photographing vulnerable adults or children who may be challenged due to disability, age, or illness.

In addition to photojournalistic coverage, I also offer on-site portraits on an impromptu basis or formal portraits with studio lighting and backgrounds. This kind of coverage is often referred to as "photo booth" or "photobooth" portraits.

Meetings, Conferences & Conventions

When photographing event guests and participants, unless instructed otherwise, I strive to showcase vibrant, engaged, and diverse individuals while avoiding photography of subjects who look bored, confused, unhappy, inattentive, or who are eating or drinking.

For commercial events where the photographs will be used in promotional advertising, I focus on inclusive photography showcasing a wide diversity of age, race, and gender wherever possible.

For professional conferences, I photograph individuals interacting with each other both on stage and in the audience, in hallways during breaks, and during special events or as specifically outlined by you or your team.

When booths or registration stations are present, I typically photograph those areas both empty and with guests to allow you maximum versatility in your usage. I also take care to photograph wide panoramas of the venue, speaking areas, and audience as well as one-on-one interactions.

Venue and event signage photography are also included wherever possible to emphasize a sense of place. And of course, I'll include your company's branding at every opportunity.

When VIPs are present and identified to me by you or by your staff, I'll give them the extra attention that I know you'll prefer. I've photographed CEOs, statesmen, celebrities, generals, and astronauts and I've treated them all with the appropriate respect and decorum you would expect of any event photographer who you might like to hire to represent you or your organization.

When subjects are holding drinks, I typically ask the subjects to hide their drinks behind the back of the person standing next to them or set them down if a table is next to the subject. This means that your photos will be more visually appealing and usable in a broad range of marketing materials. If the subjects appear reluctant to comply, I'll compose the photo without the drinks visible whenever possible. Alternatively, indicate that you’d prefer me to not ask guests to hide their drinks.

Another way that I ensure you receive better photos from your event, on request I'll minimize name tags / badges in photos. When that’s your policy (and only when it makes sense), I'll ask subjects to remove their name tags / badges for posed photos.

Finally, subjects often ask me who they should contact for a copy of the photo and how the photos will be used. Please provide me with that information before coverage begins and I'll share that information with attendees. If you'd like to prepare a card that includes distribution information, I can provide the card on request or alternatively to everyone I photograph.

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