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About Rob Greer Photography

Houston photographer information including a professional biography, reviews, awards, equipment list, and answers to frequently asked questions.

About Houston Photographer Rob Greer

Details about Houston photographer Rob Greer including biographical information, client lists, and publication notes.

Houston Studio: Arts District

Houston studio offers portrait photography and product photography clients a professional space featuring both natural and studio lighting options.

Personal History

Rob Greer's biographical history offers a brief glimpse into the life story of a Houston photographer. Includes both professional and personal details.

Important Photos

Rob Greer shares his view on the importance of family photos and how that understanding influences his work. Check out Rob's most important photograph!

Corporate Clients

List of Houston photographer Rob Greer's coolest and most well-known corporate clients. Includes Microsoft, AT&T, Samsung, Anthem, Nestle, and Reebok.


Rob Greer's photography and words have been published in print and digital formats both domestically and internationally. View his publication list here.

Photography Awards

Rob Greer's most important portrait, product, and wedding photography awards received by this Houston photographer. View the entire award list here.

Celebrities Photographed

Rob Greer has photographed many celebrities. The most recognizable are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martin Sheen, and Sean Hayes. Check out his full list here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional photographer Rob Greer answers frequently asked questions posed by photography clients, couples, students, and other photographers.

Client Reviews

Honest client reviews by people who have been photographed by top Houston photographer Rob Greer. Learn why so many people love his work.

Photography Equipment

Houston photographer Rob Greer's extensive photography equipment list includes cameras, lenses, studio lighting, grip equipment, and computers.

Areas Served by Houston Photographer

Areas served includes Austin County, Brazoria County, Chambers County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Harris County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, & Waller County.

Houston Photographer Blog

Journal entries providing photographs and summaries of photographic projects undertaken by Rob Greer during the course of doing business in Houston.