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Tips for Storing Your Photos

After downloading and printing your photos, you should carefully consider your long-term storage plan.

Tips for Storing Your Photographs

Your photographs (digital negatives) will be provided to you via electronic download or on a USB flash drive (thumb drive). It's important to remember that although a USB flash drive is generally a reliable storage device, thumb drives aren't a perfect long-term archival solution. 

Therefore, once you receive your thumb drive, I strongly recommend that you create multiple backup copies of your images. For example, you can make a copy of your original files on other flash drives, portable hard drives, and your computer hard drive. If you have more than one computer, I recommend that you copy the files to each computer.

Physical Prints

In addition to storing multiple electronic copies of your photographs, I also recommend that you print two sets of 4" x 6" prints of every photograph I provide. You can store one set of images in your box of family heirloom photos (typically found in a closet somewhere in your home) and the other set can be used to assemble a comprehensive view of your wedding story in a 4" x 6" print album. Here is a bit of information about printing your photographs.

4" x 6" albums

When choosing an album for your 4" x 6" prints, I typically recommend Kolo Albums as they are high quality albums, some of them are archival, and they are reasonably priced. 

I typically recommend the Kolo Hudson. It's bound in real black leather with soft white acid free pages and it holds 300 - 4" x 6" photographs. I spent many, many hours doing research. And I've purchased and reviewed dozens of different kinds of 4" x 6" albums. And Kolo was simply the best. You can buy the Kolo Hudson on Amazon.

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