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Tips for Viewing Your Photos

These tips will help make sure that you're seeing your images the way they are intended to be seen.

Tips for Viewing Your Photographs

When viewing your photographs, it's important to remember that your computer monitor probably isn't color corrected. That means that your photos may not appear exactly like they'll appear when they're printed. On a non-corrected monitor, photos may appear lighter or darker, exhibit more or less contrast, or have inaccurate colors hues or saturation levels, or they may even look less sharp than they would appear when they are printed.

Although you certainly don't need to spend the hundreds of dollars needed to needed to obtain a high end monitor or color correct it, you should always consider the fact that your monitor may be the culprit if you see inconsistencies when viewing your images—especially if your images don't appear "correct" to your eyes. If a calibrated monitor is not available, don't alter the color or tone of the photos to make them look "good" as it's unlikely that they'll look very good when you print them or look at them on a different computer.

And by all means, never modify the original files that I provide; always work from a copy! If you're not sure about what you're seeing, just give me a call and I'll walk you through it!

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