Product Photography

Retouching for Product Photography

Clipping and retouching are typically required if you'd like to ensure that your product photography is amazing.

You have two options when it comes to your retouching. I can provide you with retouching services or I can refer you to overseas retouchers. Overseas retouchers can provide "good enough" service for many clients for relatively little expense. If you're looking for more precision and better results, then you might consider my in-house retouching services.

Clipping Paths

When I'm asked to provide a client with a perfect product photograph, clipping is typically performed on the image. Using post-production software like Adobe Photoshop, my digital artist will create a clipping path around the object by drawing a digital path that follows the object contours. After the path is created, the object can then be detached from the original background and placed on a different background.

The amount of time and the expense related to creating a clipping path is determined by several factors including the quality of the original photograph, the shape and complexity of the object, and the skill of the graphic artist creating the clipping path. For most of standard product photography, my clipping fee is $25 per delivered photo. More complex shapes may require additional work and higher per-item fees but are usually no more than $75 per object. For an additional $10 per photo, a realistic-looking drop shadow can be positioned under each object.

Product Retouching

For the purposes of this discussion, retouching includes removing unwanted reflections, removing imperfections in objects, and making other graphical adjustments that improve the quality of the photographic image. For most product photography, my retouching fee is $25 - $35 per delivered photo.

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