1. Los Angeles Portrait Photographers
  2. John Sandford Author Headshot
  3. Adolescent Portrait of Redhead with Freckles
  4. Christopher Dallaglio, Scuba Diver
  5. Attorney Portrait in Downtown LA
  6. Young Woman, Navy Junior Reserve Office Training Corps
  7. ​Robert Zeuschner
  8. Tween Portrait of Aspiring Actress
  9. Individual Portrait / Headshot of Female Executive
  10. Photographer's Tight Portrait of Venture Capitalist
  11. Fun Senior Portrait of Pasadena Teenager
  12. Patrick Turnbull, Santa
  13. Portrait of Black Man on White Background
  14. Family Portrait at South Coast Botanic Garden
  15. Lon Brown, Wolverine
  16. Online Dating Portrait of Handsome Guy from LA
  17. Fintan Harwood, Cub Scout
  18. Portrait of Female Executive in Pasadena Offices
  19. Clive Cussler Portrait for Dirk Pitt Novel (Putnam)
  20. Female Indian Fitness Model Portrait
  21. Pregnancy Portrait
  22. Editorial Portrait of Three Gardners
  23. Alex Arredondo, Los Angeles Police Officer
  24. Portrait of Sasha the Dalmation
  25. Clive Cussler Museum Staff Portraits
  26. Male Fitness Model at Los Angeles Brewery
  27. Fun Series of Child Portraits by LA Photographers
  28. Fine Art Birthday Portrait
  29. Quirky Family Portrait at South Coast Botanic Garden
  30. Los Angeles Studio Portrait of Photographer
  31. Online Dating Portraits
  32. Broadway Actress Headshot
  33. Standing Portrait of Hospital Executive
  34. Fun Guy and Girl Portraits in Brady Bunch Style
  35. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver
  36. Female Subject on White Background
  37. Author Portrait of Rorke Denver
  38. Casual Portrait of Musician
  39. Fred Serricchio, JPL Senior Engineer
  40. Corporate Portrait of Los Angeles Executive
  41. Headshot for Online Dating Photographer
  42. Editorial Portrait of Topless Rock Climber
  43. Los Angeles Executive Headshots
  44. Children Portrait Photographer
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Los Angeles Portrait Photography

I'm a Los Angeles portrait photographer and this portfolio of photographs showcases examples of individual portraits, headshots, family portraits, corporate portraits, editorial portraits, and portraits for use in commercial advertising.

Portraits are one of my specialties so please take a minute to learn more about my approach to portrait photography. Information about my pricing for portrait photography is also available.

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