1. Portrait of Bride & Groom In Front of Disney Hall
  2. Wedding Details at Vibiana
  3. Groom Getting Ready at Vibiana
  4. Groom Putting on Jacket at Vibiana
  5. Stylish Groom Adjusts Cufflinks at Vibiana
  6. Vibiana Groom Ties His Shoes
  7. Bride Presents Bridesmaid Gifts at Vibiana
  8. Bridesmaids Help Bride Dress in Traditional Chinese Garb
  9. Vibiana Bridesmaids Help Bride with Shoes
  10. Laughing Bride in Traditional Chinese Red Dress
  11. Bridal Portraits in Traditional Chinese Red Dress
  12. Traditional Chinese Door Games Before Vibiana Wedding
  13. Groom Sees Bride for First Time at Vibiana Wedding
  14. Special Moment Between Bride & Groom at Vibiana
  15. Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony at Vibiana
  16. Bridesmaids Help Bride Get Dressed for Vibiana Wedding
  17. Bridal Portraits at Vibiana
  18. Groom Sees Bride in Traditional Western Wedding Dress
  19. Groom Opens Groom's Gift at Vibiana
  20. Crying Bride Opens Gift from Groom
  21. Smiling Bridesmaids Portrait at Disney Hall
  22. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Portraits at Disney Hall
  23. Funny Wedding Party Portrait at Disney Hall
  24. Jumping Groom & Groomsmen at Walt Disney Concert Hall
  25. Serious Groomsmen at Disney Hall
  26. Fashionable Editorial Bridal Portrait at Disney Hall
  27. Bride & Groom Laughing at Disney Hall
  28. Fun Portraits with Greenery at Disney Hall
  29. Sequence of Bride & Groom Portraits
  30. Just the Eyes with Disney Hall Bride & Groom
  31. Tender Moment Between Bride & Groom
  32. Epic Bridal Portrait at Vibiana
  33. Bride and Groom Kissing Under Arch
  34. Bride Escorted Down Aisle by Mother & Father at Vibiana
  35. Groom Cries as Bride Walks Down Aisle
  36. Parents Give Bride Away at Vibiana Wedding
  37. Wedding Ceremony at Vibiana
  38. Marriage Rituals at Vibiana Wedding
  39. First Kiss as Husband and Wife
  40. Vibiana Bride & Groom Recessional
  41. Friends of Bride & Groom During Cocktail Hour
  42. Wedding Reception Details for Vibiana Wedding
  43. First Dance at Vibiana Reception
  44. Groom Swings Bride Around During Vibiana Reception
  45. Father of the Groom Toasts His Son
  46. Maid of Honor Celebrates Friendship with Bride
  47. Joking Around with Groom During Best Man Speech
  48. Playful Cake Cutting During Vibiana Reception
  49. Going After The Garter During Vibiana Reception
  50. Bride & Groom Laughing in Disney Hall Portrait
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