Buerge Chapel Wedding Reception
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Buerge Chapel Wedding Reception

This simultaneous kiss at the Buerge Chapel in Pacific Palisades showcases a cute wedding reception moment between the bride and groom and the bride's parents and the groom's parents. I feel incredibly fortunate that all three of them decide to give each other a kiss at the exact same moment. Well, I shouldn't actually feel fortunate because this was a directed moment. During a break in the festivities I suggested to everyone that this might make a cute photograph and they all agreed as they had all been crazy wonderful to work with throughout the day. I simply suggested that they all kiss on the count of three, and they did. The Buerge Chapel in the background of this photograph is somewhat busy for my liking, but it does help set the scene for the story and I'm sure that the bride and groom as well as their parents love this photograph and what it represents. Buerge Chapel is located in Pacific Palisades, California. Phone: (310) 454-6699. Website: http://www.buergechapel.org.

Location: 925 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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