City Club on Bunker Hill Wedding Reception Fun
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City Club on Bunker Hill Wedding Reception Fun

Photographing weddings in downtown Los Angeles is a common occurrence for me. 

But what isn't so common, is when the wedding guests surround the dance floor during the first dance. It's also not very common that the bride and groom have a carefully choreographed dance routine prepared that really blows the socks off of everyone in attendance. There are several things that I enjoy about this photograph from the City Club on Bunker Hill, but some of the most important to me relate to the guests. 

Although the action of the dance itself is readily apparent in the arm movements and positions of the bridegroom, to me the most interesting part of the photograph is the people in the background looking on as the couple boogies. In particular I like the fact that I was lucky enough to capture a guests camera flash as they took a photograph at the same exact moment that I took mine. Even more convenient is the fact that the flash is centered between the couple which tends to draw your I into that area of the photograph.

When it comes the first dance, I often recommend the bride and groom begin that dance immediately after their grand entrance into the reception. One of the main reasons is that unlike this photograph, for most first dances, the guests are seated at their tables. So the first dance occurs after the meal service, then at the least the tables, which will appear in the background of many photos, will not be as clean or as pretty as they might otherwise be if the dance was photographed immediately after the grand entrance. Similarly, many guests may have left their chairs to visit other guests or to smoke cigarettes or to go to the restroom. And that leaves empty seats in the background which is never a pretty thing.

City Club on Bunker Hill is located in Los Angeles, California. Phone: (877) 684-3919. Website: Contact Person: Ernest Nicodemus, (213) 867-7439 x227.

Location: 333 S Grand Ave, 54th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

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