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Hotel Maya Same Sex Wedding Photographer

This same-sex wedding that I photographed at Hotel Maya in Long Beach was my first gay wedding. 

I'll be honest and mentioned that before I photographed this couple, I was somewhat anxious. In fact, as I was driving to photograph their engagement session, I tried to consider every potential situation that might be applicable to photographing LGBT couples. However, as I was soon to realize during that session, there is really no difference between photographing a gay couple and a straight couple. My subjects are simply two people in love. And I know how to photograph people. And I'd like to think I know how to photograph love. When I reach that epiphany, my work with this couple became as easy as it was when I photographed any other couple. Even today, in private photographer message groups, photographers will ask how to photograph a gay wedding. And I think back to this Hotel Maya couple, and I share with them that simple piece of advice.

Weddings often include an incredible array of details. And couples will often spend lots of time preparing those details. In this case, one of the grooms is president of a rental company supplying the wedding market. As part of my coverage, I was asked to photograph furniture details. One of those details were these striped panel walls that were positioned throughout the venue. As we three were walking through the reception location on our way to take portraits before the ceremony, I saw the florist preparing the centerpieces and came upon the idea of celebrating the floral components, the furniture pieces, and the color theme of the event.

Hotel Maya is located in Long Beach, California. Phone: (562) 435-7676. Website:

Location: 700 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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