Quirky Duck Socks Portrait at Mountain Mermaid
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Quirky Duck Socks Portrait at Mountain Mermaid

This quirky and fun photograph of a bride and groom at the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga was a quick capture during the time that had been set aside for portraits. I really enjoyed the symmetry of this interesting bench as well as the mixed textures of the wood floors, stucco walls, and distressed pillar found in this main room of the wedding venue. When I create this photograph, I won't go so far as to say that I had a fashion inspiration in the posing, but I do enjoy how the couple's apparel is highlighted in this image. In particular, if you'll notice, the groom is wearing purple and yellow socks that feature images of tiny rubber ducks. It seems that every time a client uses photo, the first thing they notice is the groom's cool socks. Additionally, if you'll notice the bride's pose, it's a perfect silhouette with the appropriate space between her chin line and her left shoulder. You'll also note that the subjects are well posed. Although I might tweak a few minor things in this image if I had to do it again, most particularly in the hands, I will say that I'm well pleased with the overall characteristics of the image. Mountain Mermaid is located in Topanga, California.

Location: 20421 Callon Drive, Topanga, CA 90290.

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