St. Andrews Catholic Church Wedding Bridal Limo
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St. Andrews Catholic Church Wedding Bridal Limo

St. Andrews Catholic Church is my favorite church in Pasadena. 

Although the exterior would never provide you with any clue, the interior is truly breathtaking with multicolored marble columns and exquisite details. It seems that every wedding that I photograph at that location becomes more and more important in terms of the portfolio moments within my body of work.

In reference to this particular image, the bride was waiting in her Rolls-Royce before her grand entrance and several family members were gathered around the automobile. After snapping a quick photo of the bride sitting in the car I backed away and noticed an indistinct reflection of the bride's mother in the front window of the car. I quickly pressed the shutter on my camera capturing this image. Although I might commonly use reflections in my photography, naturally occurring reflections like this one are relatively rare, at least for my style of photography. When I particularly enjoy about this reflection is that it is not immediately obvious to the viewer. Someone who is not looking closely might not even notice it. And for some reason, I feel like that makes the reflection more authentic and adds interest to the scene.

St. Andrews Catholic Church is located in Pasadena, California. Phone: (626) 792-4183. Website:

Location: 140 Chestnut St, Pasadena, CA 91103.

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