Portrait Photography Tips & Info

Tips and information about portrait photography that will help make your portrait session more successful, productive, and enjoyable.

Getting Ready for Your Portrait or Engagement Session

Tips and recommendations that will help you get ready for your portrait session or engagement session. Looking your best was never this easy!

Top Locations for Portraits & Engagement Sessions

Detailed information about dozens of top Los Angeles locations suitable and unsuitable for outdoor portraits and engagement session photography.

Indoor Location Information for Portrait Photography

Los Angeles area studio and on-site location recommendations for individual portraits, corporate headshots, and family portraits.

Backgrounds for Portrait & Product Photography

List of studio background colors available for portrait photography services. Photographer preferences noted with an asterisk facilitating easy choices.

Portraits for Internet Dating

Portrait photography services for dating sites like Match.com, OkCupid, eHarmony, and Tinder enhance your profile and help you find your ideal partner.

Props & Pets in Portraits

Information about enhancing your portrait session with props or pets along with recommendations needed to help you have the best experience possible.

Concept Projects for Unique Portraits

Photographer Rob Greer takes your standard portrait session to a whole new level, offering editorial storytelling images that are anything but typical.

Magic Hour and Portrait Photography

Explanation of how warmth, depth, texture, form, contrast, and color in photos are dramatically affected by the angle of the sun as it crosses the sky.

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