Quirky Engagement Photography: Houston
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Quirky Engagement Photography: Houston

This photograph represents the concluding spread in this award-winning engagement session album.

His sudden appearance in the photograph, after having been absent in the previous two spreads, serves to bring some measure of surprise to the viewer and typically elicits a smile from viewers and in some cases a verbal exclamation. I also feel that the image leaves the viewer with a feeling of wanting to see more photographs of this engaged couple.

When this engagement album was judged at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print & Album Competition, the audience chuckled out loud during the judging. I knew that was a very good sign the album would score well. And it did score well; in fact, the album received a Gold Award and I was presented with a First Place trophy for the category.

Although this series of photographs are incredibly simple, I feel like their appeal lies in their simplicity—and of course the viewer's ability to connect with the bride and groom. I hope that you enjoyed these photographs. I know I certainly loved making them!