501st Legion Post Wedding Relaxation in Party Bus
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501st Legion Post Wedding Relaxation in Party Bus

Why was photographing another part of the event, Jerry Ghionis grabbed the Star Wars characters and took them onto the shuttle bus for a bit of fun.

I absolutely adore these images as they are quirky, capture both the spirit of the event, and are candid seeming and spontaneous without the trappings of the wedding while also fitting within the context of the overall story of the day.

I particularly enjoy the photograph on the right with the two Stormtroopers dancing together while Captain Rex puts his palm to his forehead. As for the image on the left with Chewbacca and Darth Maul holding Maul's red double-bladed lightsaber in a really dangerous way,

I'm willing to forgive the idea that they would have lost their hands if this was real and they really had decided to hold a spontaneous game of limbo. In case you're unfamiliar, in limbo, participants must attempt to go under a bar while their backs face the floor. In the game, if you touch the bar or if you fall, you're out of the contest.