Darth Vader Processes Down Aisle at Star Wars Wedding
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Darth Vader Processes Down Aisle at Star Wars Wedding

As a wedding photographer Star Wars geek, I can't think of anything cooler than photographing Darth Vader walking down the aisle during a ceremony.

And as you can see from the reactions of guests in this photograph, they were pretty impressed as well. Even the couple's small dog got in on the action. Every wedding that I photograph is different, but having Darth Vader participate in the wedding ceremony in true Star Wars fashion certainly was a moment that everyone remember forever.

When I'm meeting with clients I will sometimes asked them what is most important from their wedding day, and sometimes folks will respond with the answer that they want their wedding to be memorable. And I will ask them to think back on a recent wedding that they attended and call up what was most memorable to them as guests.

Sometimes folks will respond with the mention of the food, or that the decor, or the dancing, but I will guarantee you that this wedding will go down as the most memorable and amazing wedding that any of these guests had ever attended. And that's why I call this the best Star Wars wedding of all time — unless you're thinking about your own Star Wars wedding in which case you should call me right now. I have ideas.