Wedding Portrait Series Featuring Couple Under Veil
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Wedding Portrait Series Featuring Couple Under Veil

For this series of photographs captured by Jerry Ghionis, my second photographer Vanessa and I held the veil above Linda.

We later held it above both Linda and Ace while Jerry had us move the veil to create interesting shadows on Linda's face.

Being very familiar with Jerry's work, I knew what he was doing and it was yet another example of an image that I would not have attempted on my own as it's not within my normal portfolio of photographs that I might take on a wedding day.

In terms of album design, I had perhaps 20 photographs to choose from but I selected these three because of the way that they fit together telling a brief story. In the first image, Linda's face is unobstructed and so you pay attention to her features.

In the second image, her face is slightly obstructed with a piece of the veil in your attention is directed to the patterns on her neck and chest. In the third photograph Jerry shooting through the veil and is also incorporating Ace into the photo creating a brief intimate moment between the two of them.