Couple Jumps: Beach Boardwalk Wedding
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Couple Jumps: Beach Boardwalk Wedding

This photograph of a bride and groom jumping on the beach shows their wedding-day joy.

This photo truly represents the idea of "jumping for joy." I was lucky to have white puffy clouds in the background.

You may be wondering how I was able to get the groom to jump so high. But it's not difficult to make this happen, even for folks who aren't athletic.

If you view the other jumping shots on my website, you'll notice that everyone jumps at a great height. And when you have multiple people in a jumping photograph, you'll notice that they jump together.

I've mastered jumping photographs so that when we do them, we can do so quickly, and with amazing results. That being said, some couples may not want to have a jumping photograph during their wedding, and that's fine too. We can make jumping photos or modern photos or traditional photos—or all three.