Jumping Groom: Church Steps
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Jumping Groom: Church Steps

This photograph was taken in front of a university chapel where this couple held their wedding.

Some people think jumping photos are trite or cheesy, but they've been used in commercial photography, print advertising, and TV commercials for decades. In fact, I've been hired by companies to create jumping photos models for their web and print advertising!

I don't ask every couple or wedding party to jump, but when I do, I make sure they do it correctly. The first step is to teach individuals or groups how to jump. I can't share those secrets here since other Houston photographers may be reading this content.

I have many stories I can share about reactions to this photograph. One of the most striking is one from a prospective client — a groom.

During our meeting, he shared that he hated jumping shots. And I can certainly respect that perspective. In fact, I told him that if he didn't want to do a jumping shot, then we wouldn't do a jumping shot.

I then suggested that I might be able to convince him. He smiled at that idea and shook his head indicating that I had no chance of changing his mind.

At that point, I pulled out my iPhone, found this photograph, and showed him this image. His reply was, "Oh, that's pretty cool. We could do that." And we did just that—months later.

Award Winner

This photograph received a Silver Award at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition.