Star Trek Theme Wedding: Kirk & Jesus
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Star Trek Theme Wedding: Kirk & Jesus

The image showcases two gay grooms holding dolls that represent their love of science fiction and their ethnic background.

One doll is Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame and the other is of a Mexican mariachi performer. The couple standing against the wooden wall wearing gray suits with orange accents.

Award Winner

This photographed received an award at the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition in Las Vegas.

In photography competitions, you sometimes have the opportunity to add an image title. Some people don't work very hard on their titles and I think that's a missed opportunity.

For the competition, I titled this image "Kirk Loves Jesus." I did that for two reasons. First, that's a literal interpretation of what's in the scene. If someone doesn't recognize the Star Trek uniform, the mention of Kirk would provide a clue.

The reason why I chose Jesus as a name instead of a different traditional Mexican name is that I conjectured that one of the judges would speak Spanish and that the Proctor reading the title would mispronounce Jesus and use the pronunciation commonly ascribed to Christianity's Messiah.

I was then pretty sure that if that happened, then the judge would correct the Proctor, and then a discussion would ensue. Discussion usually results in a higher score, and that was my tactic. And it worked.

It happened exactly like I predicted it might happen. The only difference was that Roberto Valenzuela was the chair and he brought up the pronunciation difference. Perhaps in a final twist of irony, Roberto has very little cultural knowledge of American television shows. He has no idea who Captain Kirk is—even today.