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As a photographer serving Chino, California, I'm very interested in the region's history. Chino's beginnings date back to a Spanish land grand which formed Rancho Santa Ana del Chino. Since then Chino has long been known as a center for agriculture and dairy farms. It would be my first choice if I was ever in search of photographs of folks milking cows. As a wedding photographer, you might think that wouldn't be very common, but you'd be amazed at what appeals to me as a fine art photographer. Recently Chino has developed into a thriving suburban city and is considered the western anchor of what is commonly known as the Inland Empire. Chino is located in the western end of the Riverside / San Bernadino region and is located next to Chino Hills (to the west) and Ontario (to the northeast). If you are in need of a wedding photographer, (or you need any type of photography service), I hope you'll consider me.

Chino Photographer

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