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Tips for Storing Photos

I will archive your photos, but you also need a robust personal storage plan. Here's some good advice.

Your photographs are initially provided via electronic download. However, although your online gallery is available indefinitely, you should create your own archive.


I strongly recommend multiple backups. All media fails. That means that every flash drive, hard drive, and cloud storage area can fail.

Therefore, you should make multiple copies of your original files on several devices. I recommend you store your images in at least 3 areas. For example, you can keep one copy on your local hard drive, one copy on a flash drive, and a third copy in the cloud.

Physical Prints

In addition to multiple backups, consider printing your photos. Electronics sometimes fail, but printed paper tends to live forever.

Printing a complete set of inexpensive 4" x 6" prints of every photograph is a great start. Keep them in a box in your closet or store them into a personal album.

When choosing an album for your 4" x 6" prints, I typically recommend Kolo Albums as they are high-quality albums, some of them are archival, and they're reasonably priced.

I typically recommend the Kolo Hudson. It's bound in leather or book cloth with soft white acid-free pages and it holds 300 - 4" x 6" photographs. I spent many hours researching the perfect 4" x 6" album, and this is it. And Kolo was simply the best. You can buy the Kolo Hudson on Amazon.

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