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Tips for Viewing Photos

Photographs don't look the same on every device. Here are important photo viewing tips.

When viewing photos on your computer monitor or mobile screen, colors should be accurate, and your photographs should be sharp. If you think your photos look great, you can skip this page.

However, if your photos are lighter or darker than you expect, show more contrast or less contrast than you prefer, if they all appear slightly out of focus, or if they show inaccurate colors, then the problem might be your viewing device.

I use top-of-the-line color-calibrated monitors. This means that when I export and upload your images, image color, contrast, and sharpness are accurate. In other words, those attributes are correct and as intended and should appear the same on other color-calibrated screens and devices.

If you think the color, contrast, or sharpness don’t look correct, view your images on another computer, monitor, tablet, or phone. If you see the same issues on multiple devices, please contact me for assistance.

As a final tip, avoid modifying image color, contrast, or sharpness yourself. Since your monitor isn’t color calibrated, images modified on your computer probably won’t look correct on other monitors.