Product Photography

Product Photography RETOUCHING

Clipping and retouching are often required if you'd like ensure that your product photos look as good as possible.

Retouching for Product Photography

General Info

If you're new to product photography retouching, here are a few basic explanations of common services.


Using post-production software, a clipping path is drawn around the product. This path follows the product contours. After the path is created, the object is detached from the original background and placed on a perfectly white background.


Retouching refers to the process of editing a photograph to remove imperfections. Some common tasks include adjusting color, exposure, highlights, and shadows. 

Other tasks include removing unwanted reflections, removing imperfections in objects, and making other graphical adjustments that improve the overall quality of the photographic image. 

Service Options

If you're interested in the best of photographic clipping and retouching, then I offer a both elite and budget clipping services.

Elite Service

Discriminating clients who need precision clipping and amazing product retouching may request my premier, domestic-based retouching service. This retouching will elevate the quality of your photographs through the use of advanced retouching techniques. 

Clipping path fees are typically $25 per delivered photo, drop shadows (when requested) are typically $10 per delivered photo, and basic retouching is typically $25 - $35 per delivered photo. Advanced retouching with compositing is typically $50 - $125 per delivered photo. Consistency in retouching from image to image in the project is assured.

Budget Service

For some clients, meeting your budget is an important consideration for product photography. When "good enough" is good enough for your project, I can offer you relatively inexpensive internationally-based retouching services. 

For these projects, clipping path fees are typically $5 per delivered photo, drop shadows (when requested) are typically $4 per delivered photo, and retouching is typically $12 per delivered photo. Advanced retouching with compositing is unavailable with this service.

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