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Product Photography Retouching

Clipping and retouching are required to make sure your product photos look as good as possible.

Retouching for Product Photography

General Info

If you're new to product photography retouching, here are a few basic explanations of common services.


Every photograph delivered is corrected by hand. Corrections include adjusting color, setting white balance, modifying exposure, improving clarity, adjusting contrast, and cropping images.

Corrections are automatically included in my standard pricing.


Clipping is when a photograph is removed from the original background and placed on another blemish-free background.

Using post-production software, a clipping path is drawn around the product. This path follows the product contours. After the path is created, the object is detached from the original background and placed on a perfectly white background.

Clipping isn't included in my standard pricing. You have two options.

First, I will send you to the websites of my clipping services. You can then upload the photos I provide and hire them to do your clipping. You would manage the process, explain what you need, pay them directly, and then review what they send you. You manage that entire process. The clipping service company will typically charge you about $2 per clipped image.

Alternatively, if you want me to manage that entire process and oversee that editing work, then I typically charge $5 per delivered photo for my managed clipping service. That fee assumes simple outlines. Complex outlines (like bicycles) are more.

Clipped Product Photograph ExampleExample: Original Product (left) | Clipped Image (right)


Retouching refers to the process of editing a photograph to remove imperfections. Some common tasks include adjusting color, exposure, highlights, and shadows.

Basic retouching includes minor work is typically $12 per delivered photo.

In the rare instance when advanced retouching is required, fees can range from $25 - $125 per delivered photo depending on the complexity of your request or requirement.

Retouched Product Photograph ExampleClipped Product Photograph ExampleExample: Unretouched Product (left) | Retouched Product (right)


In product photography, compositing is when 2 or more products are photographed separately and then combined into a single grouped image.

Basic compositing is usually $10 per finished photo.