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Everyone loves pretty flowers. So it's not surprising that you're looking for event flower decor.

Working with Florists

I've worked with these florists and they really know their stuff. They'd love to speak to you about your event.

Leah Horrigan
Flowers by Leah
(818) 353-0730

Alison Franchi
La Petite Gardenia
(323) 424-4076

Susan Tom-Nellis
Peony & Plum
(310) 740-2570

more florists

Here are some more florists for your consideration. They're some of the best in Houston!

Bloom Box
Blossom Floral
Brad Austin
Butterfly Floral
Empty Vase
Floral Fields
Hidden Garden

Holly Flora
Lotus & Lily
Mark's Garden
Square Root
White Lilac

Although I can recommend these companies based on experinces, before you make your final hiring decision, interview carefully and ask hard questions. Please make absolutely sure that they're the right fit for you.

Working with Florists

Follow these tips to make sure that your florals are amazing on your wedding day.

Your personal flowers, including both bouquets and boutonnieres, are an integral part of your personal decoration and are thus are a big part of wedding day photography.

Arriving on Time

It's very important that the personal flowers are available when we arrive. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, florists can sometimes arrive with the personal flowers later than expected.

To help ensure that the flowers arrive on time, I strongly recommend that you ask your florist to deliver the personal flowers sixty minutes before I'm scheduled to arrive at your Getting Ready location.

Even if you have a great florist, and even if you're convinced that this won't be an issue at your wedding, taking this extra precaution regarding flower delivery is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that we're able to stay on schedule during the early parts of your wedding day.

Bouquet Size Matters

At almost every wedding I photography brides complain about the weight and of their bouquets. This is a real issue and something that shouldn't be ignored. So unless you've always wanted a huge bouquet, I'd recommend that you ask your florist for a smaller, more manageable bouquet.

Flower Selection

In regards to flower choice, if you're planning a summer wedding, please try to select flowers that can handle high heat for extended periods of time. Although some flowers are incredibly beautiful when they are fresh, they can quickly wilt and brown in high heat.

At one wedding I photographed, it was so hot that the florist refused to let the bride have her bouquet outside because she was afraid of it wilting too quickly. As you might imagine, this impacted my photography.

Your florist can best advise you as to which flowers do best in hot conditions. Therefore, if the florist cautions you that your flower selection could be an issue at your wedding, I recommend that you heed their warning. They are typically experts in matters of flower longevity.

Succulents are always a great choice; if you've seen my front yard you know why I'm offering this suggestion.

Backup Boutonnieres

Although it rarely happens, boutonnieres sometimes break. I recommend that you ask the florist to provide a backup boutonniere for the groom and one backup boutonniere for the groomsmen(one for the group, not one for each groomsman).

It's also important to ensure that the boutonnieres aren't overly large. Please ensure that the boutonnieres are small and unobtrusive before the wedding.

A boutonniere featuring a large flower or arrangement can prove very distracting in photographs. It's also downright uncomfortable to wear them.

Magnets Suck

Although it's rare, I've sometimes encountered florists who provided magnetically held boutonnieres. Let me start by saying that the florist who invented the magnetically held boutonniere should be tied to a stake a whipped repeatedly with a piece of scratchy wool yarn.

Each time I've seen magnets used, it was a bad idea. With magnets, the boutonniere frequently falls off the lapel or stays crooked most of the day.

And because it's always moving, I spend far too much time trying to correct issues with the boutonniere rather than spending my time capturing photographs. Taking that a step further, during the wedding ceremony, when I can't do anything about wardrobe or flower issues, boutonnieres are invariably crooked and the photos will suffer.

Straight pins are the best way to attach a boutonniere—period.