Calamigos Ranch

Calamigos Ranch Photographer

I've worked as a wedding photographer at the Garden Patio, Cottage Pavilion, Ranch House, and The Oaks areas.

If you're interested in a unique Malibu wedding venue, Calamigos Ranch offers brides, grooms, and their wedding photographers a spectacular backdrop for spectacular wedding photographs

If you're looking for the best wedding photographer for this location, you'll probably be looking for someone who knows the Garden Patio, The Cottage Pavilion, The Ranch House, and The Oaks areas. For couples who are interested in area garden weddings, you can't go wrong here.

Cottage Pavilion Photographer

Calamigos Ranch Cottage Pavilion Photographer

Calamigos Ranch, established in 1947 and originally known as the Calamigos Star C Ranch, sprawls over 130 natural acres of wine country in the Santa Monica Mountains and features waterfalls, green meadows, ponds, and lakes. 

This elegant yet rustic family owned property was founded by Grant and Helen Walter Gerson and was originally created as a children's camp and mimicked a town in the old west. By 1984, Calamigos Ranch saw more than 14,000 children campers, today is best known for being one of the best wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues in the Malibu area.

One of four separate available areas at Calamigos Ranch, the Cottage Pavilion is considered by some folks to be the most remarkable. The wedding ceremony is typically held under an oak tree that is over a hundred years old. 

The tree is festooned with thousands of twinkling lights that fall down its long branches. Couples process up a short aisle and up a short flight of steps to an alter area at the base of the tree providing an incredible view for both guests and your wedding photographer.

For your wedding reception, you can make your way to your country wedding venue where you'll find tent of billowing white drapes and tiny lights on a grand deck with a grandiose view of the nearby meadows.

Garden Patio Photographer

Calamigos Ranch Garden Patio Photographer

The Garden patio provides a rustic garden setting surrounded by oaks, redwoods, eucalyptus trees, and a small waterfall. And for your wedding ceremony photography, the altar is at the top of small rise under a permanent pergola that can also serve as a Chuppah for Jewish ceremonies.

Inside the adjacent building, where most wedding receptions are held, is the Main Dining Room. This building is the most historically significant site on Calamigos Ranch property as the stone fireplace is the fireplace from the original main lodge house before wildfire destroyed the original building in 1978—a brush fire that destroyed most of the ranch which at the time was a children's camp. The Gerson family, who still own the Calamigos Ranch today, often worked with local schools, organizing day trips for children and organizing outdoor education programs. Although wedding photography is the most common form of photographic capture found here today, in those days, children captured the spirit of adventure.