Camp Alonim

Camp Alonim Photographer

Camp Alonim offers a truly remarkable and rustic venue location for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Camp Alonim Photographer at American Jewish University

Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I've never encountered such an ideal venue for families coming together to spend time with each other on a wedding weekend.

This rustic setting provides a backdrop of natural surroundings and a truly camp-like atmosphere where brides and grooms and their wedding guests can interact closely with each other in a setting removed from the hustle and bustle of outside daily life. 

For the wedding photography aspects of this location, the variety of portrait locations is almost limitless with almost 3,000 acres to explore. As an additional fun fact, Camp Alonim is the largest piece of land held for Jewish communal purpose in the United States and is the second largest in the world— second only to the State of Israel.

In 1953, Dr. Shlomo Bardin founded Camp Alonim and today American Jewish University manages the property. When weddings and receptions aren't being held here, the camp is a location designed to help people experience Judaism through their senses—through art, music, Israeli folk dance and drama as well as sports, nature, and interactive learning. 

Today, you can embrace those traditions by making this location your wedding destination!