Getty Museum Engagement Session

I met Jialing and Leonard at The J. Paul Getty Museum for their engagement session.

I’m a frequent visitor to The Getty but I’m usually there to visit the amazing photography exhibits. And I do like to take a look at a Rembrandt now and again.

I will be working as Jialing and Leonard’s wedding photographer in May. Check back then for more photos of this cute couple!

J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles
As I mentioned, this is where we were …
LA Wedding Photographer
It’s always good to start off with a little kissing.
LA Couple Photographer
And people standing on stairs always looks hot!
J. Paul Getty Museum Wedding
Awwww. Isn’t that sweet!
Stone Grotto and Couple
Even after visiting the museum dozens of times, I’d never seen this “hidden” stone grotto.
Getty Fountain and Wedding Couple
So here it is again …
Getty Tables with Wedding Couple
I had this AMAZING shot all worked out and someone sat down at the table I needed. So I instead settled for this photo (which ain’t half bad if I say so myself).
LA Wedding Photographer
Blue skies, smiling at me …
Favorite Getty Photo by Los Angeles Photographer
I think is my favorite image of the day. Which one do you like best?
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
This photograph is certified as 100% “Grade A” Rob Greer–your friendly neighborhood Los Angeles wedding photographer.

After I posted this blog entry I received an e-mail from Julie Jaskol, Assistant Director of Media Relations at The Getty. She stated, “Just a note that commercial photography at the Getty is prohibited without prior written permission. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow wedding or engagement photography at all, due to the sheer demand and the impact it would have on other visitors’ experience.” With this information in hand, unless a client is able to obtain written permission prior to our shoot, I won’t be able to accept The Getty as an option for future engagement sessions.

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