Product Photography: Friedericy Dolls (Part 20)

Today the folks from Friedericy Dolls dropped by the studio for a product photography session before one of their big shows. It was great to have them as always, but it was a particularly nice treat for me as I was able to run my new Nikon D3x 24 megapixel camera through it’s paces.

As you can see here, I’m awfully pleased with the performance of my new tool. Also, as you can see from these photographs, the dolls were photographed on a white background.

However, the background in these examples has not clipped clipped. In many examples of product photography that you see in magazines, photographers may completely remove any hit of background from the images; we refer to that as clipping.

For this client however, they want a visible background and thus that’s why I don’t clip these photos.

Los Angeles Product Photographer
Girl with Unicorn
Product Photographer in Los Angeles
Girl with Music Box
Los Angeles Product Photography
Girls Playing Castle
Friedericy Dolls Product Photography
Alice in Wonderland
Doll Photography
Pierot from commedia dell’arte
Musicbox Product Photography
Columbine from commedia dell’arte
Los Angeles Product Photographer with Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
Shakespeare Product Photography
Alice in Wonderland Doll Photography
Alice in Wonderland

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