Brewery Studio Frequently Asked Questions

I’m often asked many questions about our Los Angeles studio. Those curious folks include clients, other photographers, neighbors, and Brewery Art Walk attendees). To answer some of those questions, I’ve developed this brief list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that I hope you’ll find helpful.

What is the Los Angeles Brewery?

Our studio is located in part of what is known as the Los Angeles Brewery Art Complex. There are exactly 300 live / work spaces located in this complex (located near downtown Los Angeles). The smallest spaces are 1,200 square feet while the largest space is 6,000 square feet. That being said, there are only a handful of studios larger than 3,000 square feet. That makes our studio one of the largest spaces on the property. This area is called “The Brewery” because many buildings on the property were once owned and operated by the Pabst Brewing Company.

What’s the history of your building?

Our studio is the found in the south facing wing of the former Southern California Edison Electric Power Station #3 building. The building was built in 1903 and is registered as a Historic Cultural Landmark by the City of Los Angeles. Our studio is rumored to be the transformer room for the original power plant.

How can I live in The Los Angeles Brewery?

Live / work spaces are rented / leased on a first come, first served basis. But before you inquire, there’s an important professional requirement if you want to live at the Brewery–you must be an artist. Some of our neighbors include photographers, painters, sculptors, metal workers, clothing designers, jewelry designers, doll makers, interior designers, belly dancers, trapeze artists, martial artists, commercial designers, graphic artists, stylists, location scouts, chefs, and illustrators. If you want to lease a space at The Brewery, call Carlson Industries frequently to inquire as to availability–typically at least once a month. The office phone number is (323) 222-3007. The typical annual turnover is only 5% so there are seldom many vacancies. Lease prices for spaces less than 3,000 square feet are typically $1.00 to $1.25 per square foot. The maximum lease length is three years. Most spaces in the Brewery are leased in roughed out condition. This typically means that you must build out your own kitchen, bathroom, storage spaces as well as provide your own means for heating and cooling the space.

How big is your studio?

The floor of our studio is 3,960 square feet, the raised mezzanine deck is approximately 675 square feet, and the fenced patio outside our roll-up door is 1,650 square feet. To the peak of the ceiling / roof, our studio is 4 stories tall (unobstructed).

How much is your rent?

It’s not inexpensive to live and work in a space as large as our studio. Although this answer may not satisfy your curiosity, we’ve decided that this is how we’ll answer this frequently asked question (unless you’re our CPA).

Do you like living / working here?

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to living and working in the Brewery. Some of the advantages include the creative atmosphere, the low cost per square foot, and the convenience of being located near downtown. From this area, we’re literally 30 minutes from almost everything Los Angeles has to offer. With our large studio, we have the space we need to work on any commercial, private, or personal photography project without being constrained by limitations often faced by other studios. We also really enjoy living and working within a historic building. Although it’s been a monumental task to put our space together like we’d envisioned, we’re proud to call ourselves residents of the Los Angeles Brewery.

What do you do in your studio?

We’re professional photographers. Within these walls we photograph a wide range of subjects including people, products, and food. We also use this space to meet with current and prospective clients as well as show and sell our fine art photography. As our location is a live / work studio, we also live in this space. Our bedroom is located on the raised mezzanine level. Some of our photographic specialties include wedding photography, individual and family portraits, food photography, product photography, corporate headshots, event photography, lifestyle photos for advertising, and fine art photography.

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  1. I love that you posted info on how to get a space at the Brewery. Over the years, at various times, I’ve searched for exactly that info and was never able to find it – so it’s cool that in the future other curious artists will be able to find this post!

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